Refund Policy

1.Payment Terms
a. Initial payment is required at the time of submitting a paper for review. A secondary payment is required if a paper is approved for publishing prior to said paper being published, with peer review on CAPSJ. Payment must be made through CAPSJ website and native payment processing.
2.Refund Policy
a.CAPSJ is committed to providing a fair and thorough peer review process for all submitted manuscripts. This policy outlines our approach to refunds for the fees associated with manuscript review and publication.
3.Fees Covered
a. this policy applies to the following fees:
i. Review Fee: The fee charged to cover the administrative and editorial costs associated with assigning reviewers and managing the peer review process.
ii. Publication Fee: The fee charged to cover the costs associated with copy editing, layout, online hosting, and article dissemination.
4.Refundable Scenarios:
a.Journal Fails to Deliver Review: In the unlikely event that CAPSJ is unable to secure qualified reviewers for your manuscript within a reasonable timeframe (defined as 4 weeks), a full refund of the Review Fee will be issued.
b.Journal Unable to Publish Accepted Manuscript: If your manuscript is accepted for publication but CAPSJ subsequently encounters unforeseen circumstances that prevent publication of the accepted manuscript (e.g., journal closure), a full refund of the Publication Fee will be issued.
5.Non-Refundable Scenarios:
a.Manuscript Withdrawn During Review: The Review Fee is non-refundable once your manuscript has entered the peer review process. This fee covers the administrative costs associated with assigning reviewers and managing the review process, even if your manuscript is withdrawn before a final decision is reached.
b.Manuscript Rejected After Review: The Review Fee and Publication Fee are non-refundable if your manuscript is rejected after undergoing the peer review process. The editorial decision is final and reflects the reviewers’ assessment of your work’s suitability for publication in CAPSJ.
6.Timeframe for Refunds
a. If a refund is applicable under the terms outlined above, it will be processed within 15 business days of notification. The refunded amount will be returned to the original payment method used.
a. For any questions regarding this refund policy or its application to your specific situation, please contact our editorial team at