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CAPS Journal is your go-to platform for a streamlined manuscript submission, review, and publication process. Simply upload your manuscript, and our team of industry experts will conduct a thorough review, providing you with constructive feedback to refine your work. Once revised, your manuscript can be published, making it accessible to a wide audience.

Choose CAPS Journal for our expert review process, efficient workflow, and increased visibility for your research. Our platform not only saves you time but also ensures your work meets high standards of quality. Join us and elevate your research to new heights.

CAPSJ Publication Service

Upload, Review, Publish: Our streamlined platform allows you to easily upload your PDF, get it reviewed, and publish it with just a few clicks.

Simplify your publishing process today!

FREE - Create your account and upload your manuscript for free.

$200 - Review your work. A one time fee of $200 will get your manuscript in the hands of experts.

$800 - Share your manuscript with the world! A one time fee of $800 will get your approved manuscript published.